Submit Your Confession
1. All confessions must be Tekken related. They can be about the games, films, characters, story, anime, etc.

2. You are allowed to provide an image of your choice. Try to refrain from explicit hentai (Sorry, I like porn but we got kids here).

3. Note that submissions may take awhile as they will be backed up. Please be patient. Cussing me out will not speed up the process.

4. You are entitled to your opinions however refrain from instigating drama. This is suppose to be fun.

5. If you have a Tekken related tumblr I will give you publicity. It’s free :-)

6. If you wish to submit anonymously, you must be signed out of your tumblr:

For name, enter “Anon”
For email, enter “” (NOT A REAL EMAIL!) This will give you a chance to submit as an anon.

7. Last but not least, have fun and don’t get upset over the little things. Everyone has an opinion and we should have the freedom to express that. That’s what confessions are for ;-)